love in the time of crossing over

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I definitely have a perfectionist in me that I try to have a conversation with every day and say, ‘Thanks for sharing, but no thanks.’ But that voice is always there. The flip side of that is the creative voice, if that makes sense. It’s the thing that helps me create. I have a very active imagination. So that’s where I try to put all that energy.

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Castle season posters from from “Flowers for your grave” to "Driven"

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First look at the key art for Season 7 of Castle [x]

First look at the key art for Season 7 of Castle [x]

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Outstanding Comedy Series
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What a wonderful time for women on television. All the women I’m nominated with here tonight is such a testament to that. But truly this belongs to Robert and Michelle King and all our writers who never cease to amaze me with 22 episodes a year. And I have to thank our gorgeous cast, you are spectacular. Christine Baranski, you are a beacon of light to all of us. And Josh Charles, I miss you every day. What were you thinking?!  I just want to say a big thank you to Jim McKay, who directed the episode that  I submitted with such clarity. And to the two best things that ever happened to me: Keith and Kieran, best part of my day is coming home to you. I love you. Thank you.

Julianna Margulies 


alicia florrick alphabet: imagination (memories, fantasies, dreams)

Sometimes, I don’t even know what I’m thinking.

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